5 Best Places to Retire in Michigan 2021-2022

Whether you live in-state or are moving from elsewhere, Michigan has plenty of appeal as a place to retire. Many of its cities are regularly featured on nationwide best places to retire lists, and for good reason.

Here are our 5 best places to retire in Michigan, based on available services, housing, quality of living, and more.

a map of the best places to retire in michigan

Best Places to Retire in Michigan

1. Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor ranks highly in the best places to retire because it offers a vibrant mix of culture and activities. It combines rural and urban, making it ideal for those who want the amenities a city offers but with the country nearby.

Its downtown is easily walkable, which is a big draw for retirees. Ann Arbor hosts one of the biggest art fairs in Michigan (which takes place in July) and also has a wide range of outdoor activities, such as biking, kayaking, and more.

Perhaps most importantly for retirees, Ann Arbor has great healthcare facilities. It’s home to Michigan Medicine, a particularly advanced hospital system. What’s more, Ann Arbor has attractive house prices, great dining opportunities, and plenty of things to occupy your time. Overall, it’s a great choice for retirement.

2. Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is another great choice for retirement in Michigan. It has a population of 200,000 but is surprisingly advanced and prosperous for a city of this size. It’s home to museums, galleries, and the Heritage Hill District, one of the largest historic districts in the country.

It’s a good choice for those interested in enjoying the outdoors because it’s only 30 miles from Lake Michigan. Whether you’re going there for a long weekend or a day trip, Lake Michigan is a great destination.

The city ranks average in terms of walkability but has good public transport systems if you don’t feel like driving. There’s a great cultural scene, including restaurants, a botanical garden, and a planetarium. In short, you’ll have plenty to do during retirement.

House prices in Grand Rapids are surprisingly low, making it ideal for seniors looking to downsize. You’ll also have access to 5 medical facilities, some of which rank very high on national league tables.

3. Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo offers all the benefits you’d expect from a suitable retirement destination: low-cost housing, affordable living, and good healthcare. In fact, it offers a noticeably lower cost of living than other cities on this list.

It’s a particularly attractive destination for retirees who enjoy music and classic cars. Kalamazoo is home to the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Heritage Guitar Inc., and the Gilmore Car Museum. There are also breweries, restaurants, and hiking trails, giving you plenty of options for activities.

Bronson Methodist Hospital, which serves Kalamazoo, ranks as one of the nation’s top cardiovascular health facilities. It caters to other specialties as well, meaning your health is in good hands in this city.

4. Livonia

Much like Ann Arbor, Livonia regularly ranks in the top 10 cities for retirement in the USA. Its main draws include friendly neighborhoods and recreational facilities aimed at senior residents. The latter is perhaps why the city has such a large senior population.

It also regularly ranks as one of the safest cities and has a high number of physicians per 100,000 residents. This translates to a very desirable place to live in your old age.

Livonia is only 20 miles from downtown Detroit, meaning you have all the benefits of suburban living with a major city only a short drive away. Luckily, house prices are still attractive, and the close proximity of Detroit means you have plenty to do with your time.

5. Lansing

As the state’s capital, Lansing has perhaps the most options for things to do during retirement. Better yet, its house prices aren’t considerably different from other cities on this list.

If spending time outdoors is a goal of yours, Lansing might have what you seek. Granted, it’s not rural in the same way as somewhere like Kalamazoo but it has numerous parks and outdoor recreational places. It’s a small sacrifice to make for the amenities a capital city offers.

These include loads of galleries and museums, great restaurants, and the kind of public transportation you’d expect. Of course, you’ll still want a car for longer journeys, but traveling around the city is easy enough by bus, Uber or taxi. During the summer months, you’ll also find farmers’ markets dotted around. These are great for picking up local, seasonal produce and tasting everything Michigan has to offer.

Lansing is mainly served by Sparrow Hospital, but McLaren-Greater Lansing teaching hospital is highly regarded for its surgery department and heart treatment facilities.


Choosing where to settle down in retirement is never an easy decision. Some places cater their facilities to senior citizens, making them incredibly desirable. Others are simply great places to live because of the culture and activities they offer for all ages.

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