Senior Real Estate Specialist in Southeast Michigan

senior real estate specialist in southeast michigan can help find homes in detroit michigan

Roughly 21% of the population in southeast Michigan is over the age of 65. The area attracts older citizens for numerous reasons including ease of access to Canada, outdoor recreation, and the University of Michigan’s superb healthcare system. As home to the Metro Detroit area, southeast Michigan has plenty on offer for aging adults.

But, as these individuals age, they have to start thinking about where they want to settle down for the later years of their lives. 

My Total Move is a team of senior real estate specialists in southeast Michigan. As such, we’re perfectly positioned to support adults in transitioning to a new, more accommodating and permanent residence.

What is a Senior Real Estate Specialist?

A senior real estate specialist is a realtor who undergoes training to specifically help older adults buy and sell property and everything that goes along with it. The training involves:

  • Accreditation from the National Association of Realtors
  • Knowledge of how 401(k)s and IRAs affect buying decisions
  • Education on the specific long-term needs of aging in place
  • Training on identifying scams targeted at seniors
  • Offering a full-service approach to the house moving process

Buying and selling property once you’re over the age of 50 comes with new considerations. For starters, you’re likely selling a long-time family home, which involves difficult and emotional decisions. A benefit of hiring a senior real estate specialist is that they provide emotional support as well as practical advice to make the process easier.

The senior real estate specialists at My Total Move are Michigan locals – we love the state and all it has to offer. This means we’re intimately familiar with the real estate market in southeast Michigan and can help seniors find the perfect property to meet their needs.

What does a Senior Real Estate Specialist in Southeast Michigan do?

A senior real estate specialist assists with the whole buying and selling process. So, whether you’re downsizing, relocating within southeast Michigan, or moving into assisted living, we’re here to help. Some of our duties include:

  • Developing an action plan for home repairs, packing, and moving
  • Arranging contractors to repair and redecorate your property
  • Staging and photographing the home for sale
  • Hiring moving specialists
  • Buying and selling property
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My Total Move is Here for You

So, if you’re looking for a senior real estate specialist in southeast Michigan, My Total Move is here for you. Get in touch for more information, and we’ll guide you through the process for a smooth transition to the next stage of your life.