Senior Real Estate Specialist in Livonia, Michigan

My total move are senior real estate specialists in Livonia, Michigan

At only 2 miles away from Detroit city limits, Livonia gets its share of the Metro Detroit infrastructure, but has its own charm too. Much of this comes from the city’s historical landmarks and its urban parks – along with its centralized location to everything Southeast Michigan has to offer.

As Livonia, Michigan locals, the team at My Total Move Senior Realty knows the Livonia city area intimately. We pride ourselves on being experts in Livonia properties – with our finger on the pulse of the Livonia real estate market.

As Senior Real Estate Specialists, we help citizens of Livonia sell their long term homes and find more accessible residences for the next stage of their lives. 

What is a Senior Real Estate Specialist?

We at My Total Move Senior Realty are Senior Real Estate Specialists. This title means we’ve gone through specific industry training (and accreditation) to assist older adults in buying and selling property.

While moving home can be stressful at any age, we understand the unique considerations that come with selling property once you’re over the age of 50. Retirement plans can affect buying decisions, and selling your long-time family home is a difficult emotional time. That’s why we offer both practical and emotional support to guide older adults through this process.

Being a qualified Senior Real Estate Specialist involves:

  • Receiving accreditation from the National Association of Realtors
  • Understanding and helping with the emotional aspects of moving house
  • Knowing how 401(k)s and IRAs impact buying and selling property
  • Learning about the long-term needs of aging in place
  • Identifying and educating about senior-specific finance scams
  • Providing a full-service approach to moving

My Total Move Senior Realty is a team of Livonia, Michigan locals. We understand the differences between living in Livonia over Detroit or Ann Arbor over Flint. As such, we’re aware of the micro-level aspects of the Michigan property market and are perfectly placed to help seniors sell or buy the right property to meet their needs.

What does a Senior Real Estate Specialist in Livonia, Michigan do?

The benefit of hiring a Senior Real Estate Specialist for your Livonia move is that they offer a full service approach. It helps take away the stress of moving and means you don’t have to worry about contractors or hiring moving specialists.

My Total Move can help whether you’re relocating to Livonia, downsizing your home within Livonia, or moving into assisted living from Livonia. Our team can help with the following:

  • Drawing up a step by step plan for the buying and/or selling process
  • Sourcing contractors for home repairs and inspections prior to sale
  • Recommending services for cleaning and packing
  • Staging, preparing, and photographing your home for listing
  • Hiring moving services
  • And, most importantly, being your real estate agent for buying and/or selling a home
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My Total Move is Your Livonia Senior Real Estate Specialist

My Total Move is here to help if you need a Senior Real Estate Specialist in Livonia, MI. We’ll guide you through the home listing process, offering emotional support and practical advice to make things easier as you transition into your next accomodation.

So, if you’re getting ready to list or purchase a home, My Total Move Senior Realty is here for you. Get in touch to see how we can help.